What We Offer

Our services are all about your business growth. We make a way for you to reach your prospective clients and assist you with New Business Development.

E-mail Collection

We do not just sell existing data. Instead, we collect verified and deliverable emails for your existing database assisting your digital marketing process. We maintain a bounce rate that varies from 0% to <1%.

Our E-mail Collection service includes collecting the email address of the decision-makers of companies. To get started we only need a sheet with Company Names (required), Contact Names (required), and other information if available.

B2B Lead Research

The email marketing list is the heart of each email marketing campaign. From start-ups to established businesses, each business looks for new clients to grow. We find and target the companies that are likely in need of your product/services.

A good B2B database helps you to get new clients. With this service, we offer a fully fresh and verified prospective lead database to our clients in order to achieve new business. You may also check how the database would look here.

E-mail Marketing

Email as a digital marketing strategy is one of the most effective tools to reach prospective clients. We are here to assist you in approaching and gaining new business through Sales Email and E-mail Marketing.

With emails, you can deliver the message straight to the right people, increasing your chance for lead generation and conversions. We also provide E-mail tracking services, which means you will know who opens your emails.

LinkedIn Connection Acquiring & Marketing

LinkedIn is the possibly best way to connect with business professionals as well as to gain followers for your company page. If you are looking for organic lead generation on Linkedin, connections and followers are the main keys. We help our clients target clients on Linkedin and send them a connection request.

Linkedin Marketing includes sending personal messages to prospective clients with ready scripts. We also provide script services if required.

LinkedIn Ads

In the B2B world, the most relevant place business clients spend time is on LinkedIn. Introducing and finding the next potential client’s LinkedIn is a great place to advertise and set up the right campaign to deliver real results.

From setting up the campaign and target audience for LinkedIn Ads we are experts near you. Let us know who your target customer/industry and we do the rest.

Data Cleansing & E-mail verifying

We love to hear us calling the data guy. We also help our clients with updating their databases with up-to-date data and removing corrupt, expired, and inaccurate records.

It is greatly in common that a prospective client will not remain in the same company or use the same e-mails. They tend to be changed and it is a boring task to check all your prospective clients’ records. We are here to assist you with this boring task so that you can proceed with your marketing campaign with the cleaned and most recent data.


We are happy to help you to find the right engagement services for your business