How To Get Started

“HOW”. It’s not magic. It’s all about our hard work and a well-structured process.


Knowing Who to Target

In order to get started we first need to get information from you including the target business. If you are not confident, we are happy to help you to get the right industry for the business.


Data Ready & Approval

Once getting to know who our prospects will be, our skilled team will come up with the database and send them to you for your approval. If needed to revise them, we are happy to revise them.


Reaching Them

We have different approaches to reaching our prospects. We will start with a traditional and effective approach; E-mail marketing, Linkedin messaging, following up, etc. We also use Linkedin Ads if urgently required.


Conversion & Results

We have a good reputation to have an amazing conversion rate of leads for your sales team to close the sales and gain new business. Additionally, our team will provide you with the final results including the positive results and negative results.