Who we are

Diggydata is considered one of the most reliable B2B lead agencies to provide you with reliable leads to reach your prospective clients.

Founder & Lead Researcher

The Beginning

He started his career by working as a marketing manager in a leading apparel agent company. He used to find the prospective buyers along with their contact emails to send the introductory email. Since then he realized that it takes a significant time to research the company, select of right clients, finding their contact details. He planned to start an agency to help other businesses with B2B leads so that they can save hundreds of hours and focus on other business activities.

“The best moment I find is when my clients become happy to generate sales which is the hardest part for all companies with the help of our team. We are hungry and would love to show you our strength and how we can help your business.” -Rubel

Result Oriented

We deliver genuine results to our clients. We know our stuff and prioritize each task equally.


We never promise anything like others that we won’t be able to deliver.


We do not sell the leads to you and to your competitors as well


We focus on only one goal, which is to increase of company’s sales.


We take our clients seriously so that they can get the result on time.


We are Simple! in our work and to our way to get the work done.

Research & Quality

Our skilled research team ensures that we have the right target people

Mode of Approach

Once we establish the correct target people, we choose the best way to approach them first.

Customer Focused

Once our prospect first responds we make sure to respond within 24 hours.

High-Quality Data

From the activities of our prospective leads, we make sure to achieve them.